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Lust-Driven Desperation
“... and so the heart screamed, tears fell and she promised never to love again...”
If I had known that it would hurt,
if I had known that the heart would scream in vain,
if I had known that it would cause so much pain,
to love, to feel, to feel the evil within,
to feel his touch, to feel him inside of me with every inch of my body and soul
to do what the heart desired..
I would do it again.
This heartache...
These demons within,
they scream and shout
it never ends.
Spiralling down into darkness,
into the deepest roots,
I feel that there is no turning back.
“...all these bruises in my soul, in my body.. it was all for you”
:iconbassiepie:BassiePie 1 0
Within The Darkness
Hope shattered to pieces
The heart long dead
I try to crawl
I try to smile
Is there a way out?
The darkness around me
So silent, so cold
Captures my soul within,
laughs at me, puts a knife into my heart
Is there a way out?
Somewhere far away, I see peace,
I see the calmness
Is this a delusion?
is it only a dream
Is there a way out?
.... and so I keep on crawling and walking
Every inch of my body hurts
Maybe I will reach there
Longing to find him
Longing to find the one who will mend my heart
Is there a way out?
:iconbassiepie:BassiePie 3 2
Two broken hearts,
beating, screaming at each other..
"I want you,
hold me tight, never let me go".
Two bleeding eyes,
turning into crimson red with every smile
"Love me, embrace me, undress me".
Two wounded hands,
holding onto each other,
destructive, full of passion,
yet so cold and dead..
Two warm bodies,
entwined and connected,
yet so far away, unreachable..
"Just promise me... Crawl by my side when we die.."
:iconbassiepie:BassiePie 2 0
Rapalje II :iconbassiepie:BassiePie 1 0 Rapalje I :iconbassiepie:BassiePie 1 0 Swallow The Sun :iconbassiepie:BassiePie 4 0
Walking Endlessly
Walking endlessly,
in a twisted road.
I smile weakly,
As my tears become the crystal clear rain in the sky.
Never giving care,
I stare at people around me.
Some are real, the others just illusion.
And I…
I am glad I am leaving this all behind.
Melodies in my head,
I sing a song of love and joy.
The tunes become the beauty of life,
The beauty, which only I will understand.
With no regrets,
I have eaten the apple,
I have died many times,
I have shed so many tears,
With knowing that,
All of this will make me stronger than ever.
I now laugh at those who made me weaker,
Who stabbed the knife in my heart.
Let them rot in hell,
As I walk on and on.
:iconbassiepie:BassiePie 8 5
Sunset In Juelich :iconbassiepie:BassiePie 2 3
Failed again, didn't we?
Fooled by the evil.
Should have realized it's all the same.
The lies didn't change,
the hope always fades
Broken again, aren't we?
The wings torn apart.
Tears keep on falling,
clock keeps on ticking.
I am still the same,
I haven't changed.
I have always been the fool,
ready to be deceived.
It's too late.
:iconbassiepie:BassiePie 12 12
Their happiness…
It saddens me.
The lack of light, the ever-fading hope…
His smell, his smile…. It tears me apart
This broken lock in my heart,
it's just for me,
hidden in the grave deep within my soul.
I have been strong for so long,
Holding the tears for a long time.
I wonder if it's worth it for the flames.
Is it worth it to die?
I have been holding back for so long,
I have been oh-so-silent, the waves have been tranquil all along.
The clouds have been dark,
Hope is gone.
:iconbassiepie:BassiePie 12 14
Satchel :iconbassiepie:BassiePie 2 8 Eluveitie :iconbassiepie:BassiePie 4 0
Mature content
Dark Desire :iconbassiepie:BassiePie 4 2
Summer and Winter
Oh, my blue-eyed prince..
I wonder if,
you think of me from time to time.
I wonder if,
you revive those memories we had together.
Do you still smile at the thought of happiness?
Do you still smile at the thought of laughters we shared?
Bottles of wine around us,
our problems, our fears used to be far away from us.
The thought of you and me...
Call me a fool but,
I still think about you,
about our laughters
How foolish of me,
to think of the possibility of you and me!
Summmer is gone but,
I still feel your embrace on this cold winter day.
My tears remind me of the summer rain...
What a fool I am,
to now realize that it never was real.. You and me..
You.. the summer.
Me.. the winter.
How I wish it was real.
:iconbassiepie:BassiePie 4 2
Ensiferum :iconbassiepie:BassiePie 3 2 Ville Laihiala :iconbassiepie:BassiePie 7 8


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How did you get those scars?
And I asked her,
"Do you remember
why I counted tiles-
sat in silence for hours,
wishing on the black holes
in my pockets?"
Stuttering against quiet delusions,
She bit a vintage tongue.
I tried to bury myself alive that night,
just to engrave the taste of rose thorn monsters
between the cracks of my glass skin."
Licking dry lips,
She asked to taste them.
:icondearpoetry:DearPoetry 980 245
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BassiePie's Profile Picture
I find myself pretty crazy actually...I dream a lot and I don't regret it. I often wish I lived a different life.
I believe in passion more than love.

My life in three words : Wine, Tragedy and Rock 'n' Roll!
  • Listening to: Ultha - The Night Took Her Right Before My Eyes
  • Drinking: Water
I miss the physical contact. 

I miss touching the hair, feeling the smile, the bodies entwined, lying around naked without a care in the world.

I miss the sex, the bodies and souls becoming one. Not "fucking" but the act of it. The excitement, the pure madness, the lust. Just feeling happy and at ease. Well.. there has never been love in my case but yeah, I miss that too. Not with a specific person but in general. The last time I felt that, it was too late before I realized that the other person never really loved me. He just wanted to have fun.

I am just wasting my time fangirling on big bands or band members like a teenage girl. It's stupid as hell. I thought that maybe I would get distracted but I feel like I am falling apart. My heart is falling apart. The past months have been tough. Sometimes I feel good and I tell myself "Oh I am fine, phew, I got over this" but other times I just ask myself "Why was I so stupid to not have seen the truth just in front of my eyes" or "What if...?".

I just feel hopeless... and desperate. I sedate myself with music - Ghost to be more specific-. But nothing eases my heart. I just feel empty. I wish it hadn't turned out to be this way, me and him. I wish I had never known him. 

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